March 23, 2010

"Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning...

... actually it's more like most of the time."- Alexi Murdoch
Gorgeous photos by: Ibai Acevedo

Pomme Chan

I'm loving her felt-tip pen line work and bright colors. Her hand lettering is also quite nice, so check it out.

March 22, 2010

I'd rather be....

My thoughts exactly.
by: Ashley G. 

clay + glaze = love

These pieces are factory made, yet they still feel like they could be one of a kind. If only I could make pieces this uniform... 

March 02, 2010

The Chop Shop

The strong and delicate fonts intermingle with fine lines, sexy borders, delicate patterns and an incredibly fitting color pallet.  Simply put, I couldn't leave anything out....

This meaty identity was done by Ptarmak. I highly suggest you check out the rest of their work.

bird is the word

Intimate photographs by Andrew Zuckerman