July 14, 2009

{My Portfolio} Branch: Sustainable Design for Living

This identity is a redesign for an existing company: Branch
The above images include: 1. Logo  2. Stationary and Business Card  3. In-Store Poster Series
Branch is a home goods store, with a focus on sustainable design. They believe that products should be made in the most environmentally responsible way possible.  As a result, they only sell products that meet those requirements. In essence, they do the hard thinking so you don't have to. 

For the campaign "Symbiosis", this in-store poster series was created to emphasize just how important sustainability and environmentally conscious design is to the company. With "Symbiosis", they are reminding the customer about the relationship between these two dissimilar things; the environment we live in and the products we create and use within it.
(Please click on the images to see details)

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